CannX 2018, Tel Aviv - Agenda


Program highlights:

  • Medical Cannabis Global: Policies & Regulations

  • Agri-Hi Tech: Exploring Controlled Environments 

  • Research Breakthroughs in Treating Pain, Neurological Disorders and Third Age

  • Mechoulam and Abrams: A Conversation on the Future of Medical Cannabis

  • Maximize your clinical research



Innovations in Science and Medicine


New Technologies, New Opportunities


Advanced Agriculture and Production

Panel discussion:
Breaking the barriers of cannabis related clinical trials
How to plan a clinical  research on medical cannabis? Methods , challenges,  latest results 

What's new in Technologies for administrating Medical Cannabis

  • New forms of cannabis products

  • Innovative ways of delivery  Vaporizers

  • New cannabis based technologies from Israel and around the world

Recent trends in Cannabis Cultivation

  • Cultivation facilities

  • Grow media;

  • Technologies: Dehumidifier, Lightning, Irrigation

The Latest in Medical Cannabis Research

Important partners -compound mapping

Good to Know: Risks and severe side effects in the use of cannabis for medical use

How and where should you invest in Cannabis?



Post-Harvest  - the key to success

  • Drying flower
  • Trimming cannabis
  • Curing : Maturation, aging, mold
  • Storage & Packaging

The Opioid Epidemic -  Cannabis Vs. Opioids:  what is the right choice?

  • Systematic Review Efficacy of Cannabis-Based Medicines for Pain Management
  • Cannabis  -  The ultimate rehabilitation treatment

Will Hemp Industry take over?

  • Local and global Economic overview: USA, Europe,  latin  America, And Israel
  • Regulations Potential Revenues from Hemp and cbd

Plant Safety

  • Viruses Cannabis

  • Molds treatment

  • Biological pesticide

Cannabis treatment for elderly population

  • New researches  on Alzheimer

  • Chronic pain

  • Drugs interaction  

From Farm to Patient - 360 solutions

  • Personalized application of cannabis medicine - B2C – The challenges faced by pharmacies in meeting with the patient
  • B2B – Storage, transport, security  solutions

Quality control
Cannabis Testing, and Analytics

  • Regulation

  • Cost

  • Efficiency

  • Reliability
Innovation in brain imaging for  improving cannabis treatments

Controlled environment agriculture technologies beyond the state-of-the-art - Plant cultivation technologies and their application in space

​​ ​CANNX startup Competition

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