CannX 2018, Tel Aviv - Agenda


Program highlights:

  • Medical Cannabis Global: Policies & Regulations

  • Agri-Hi Tech: Exploring Controlled Environments 

  • Research Breakthroughs in Treating Pain, Neurological Disorders and Third Age

  • Mechoulam and Abrams: A Conversation on the Future of Medical Cannabis

  • Maximize your clinical research



Innovations in Science and Medicine


New Technologies, New Opportunities

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Advanced Agriculture and Production

Panel discussion:
Opening the gates to new clinical research 
How to plan a clinical  research on medical cannabis? Methods , challenges,  latest results 

New forms of medical cannabis products- enhancing delivery and efficacy

  • New forms of cannabis products

  • Innovative ways of delivery  Vaporizers

  • New cannabis based technologies from Israel and around the world
Maximizing and Understanding the Benefits of Proprietary Delivery Technologies for Increasing Bioavailability of Cannabinoid Molecules
Rob Davidson
CEO& Cure Pharmaceutical Corp., USA

Recent trends in Cannabis Cultivation

  • Cultivation facilities

  • Grow media;

  • Technologies: Dehumidifier, Lightning, Irrigation

​Meir Koren
Founder Oricann, USA 
Research breakthroughs – the effects of therapy using medical cannabis on neurological diseases

The medical cannabis market in Canada post-legalization

Joshua Brainin Alper
Managing Director Cann10 North America; CEO, Blue Diamond Ventures Inc., USA

Roey Fishman
COO & Co-Founder, Carmel Cannabis Group, Canada
​The Opioid Epidemic 
Cannabis Vs. Opioids:  what is the right choice?

  • Systemaric Review Efficacy of Cannabis-Based Medicines for Pain Manageemnt
  • Cannabis - The utlimate rehabilitation treatment 

​Intelligent investing in Cannabis – where, what and with who?

Post-Harvest  - the key to success

  • Drying flower
  • Trimming cannabis 
  • Curing : Maturation, aging, mold
  • Storage & Packaging

​Patient Wellbeing: Benefit Risk Management
Export- Import policies:   How can we encourage international trade when policies  differs from country to country

  • Local and global Economic overview: USA, Europe,  latin  America, And Israel

  • Will Hemp Industry take over?
    Potential Revenues from Hemp and CBD

Plant Safety

​The Latest in Medical Cannabis Research

Important partners - compound mapping 
Medical Cannabis: Medicine, Law and Ethics
Work shop
Quality assessments of cannabis products 
Methods and technologies

​Cannabis Treatment for the Third Age 

  • New researches on Alzheimer chronic pain
  • Drugs interaction
From Farm to Patient - an ecosystem solution

  • The Future of Cannabis E-Commerce
  • Personalized application of cannabis medicine 
  • B2C – The challenges faced by pharmacies in meeting with the patient
  • B2B – Storage, transport, security  solutions

​Quality control  - Cannabis Testing, and Analytics

  • Regulation
  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability 
  • Analytics  technologies  Hplc vs optic

A Closer Look at Cannabis Quality Control Testing
Joshua Crossney
President and Founder of CANNCON Inc. , USA

The Unique Connection between Women in Healthcare and Cannabis 
Cannabis treatment for the Third Age

  • New researches  on Alzheimer

  • Chronic pain

  • Drugs interaction  

Agro- Tech -  Creating a controlled environment for improved product and yield

Agri Hi-Tech for Standardization
Nirit Bernstein
Plant Physiology and nutrition Institute of Soil Water and Environmental Sciences, Volcani Center, Israel 

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation for Research and Development
Autumn Karcey
President,  Cultivo  inc., USA 

​​ ​CANNX Startup Competition
Innovation in brain imaging for  improving cannabis treatments
​Startup Competition Announcement and Conference Closure