CannX 2018, Tel Aviv - Agenda


Opening session

15 October 2018

Mr. Yossi Bornstein, 
CEO Shizim, Chairman Cann10, Israel

Mgr. Yuval Landschaft, Director of the IMCA – Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency (Yakar), Ministry Of Health, Israel 

Keynote lectures:

15 October 
Prof. Raphael 
Institute for Drug Reserach, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, Will Cannabis cure cancer?
Prof. Donald Abrams MD
Department of Medicine , University of California San Francisco, USA  

Plenary lectures:

16 October 2018
One-on-One: 2 Leading Researchers in Conversation on the Future of Medical Cannabis

  • Prof. Raphael Mechoulam
    Institute for Drug Reserach, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Prof. Donald Abrams MD
    Department of Medicine, University of California, USA

Medical Cannabis Global Overview: Policies & Regulations

  • Mgr. Yuval Landschaft, Director of the IMCA – Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency (Yakar), Ministry Of Health, Israel 
  • Ms Steph Sherer, Founder and Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), USA
  • Navigating international landscape - International drug control treaties
    Dr. Pavel Pachta, Independent Consultant, former Deputy Secretary of INCB, Austria

innovation award Competition 

Startup Finalists Roadshow 

Innovations in Brain Imaging for Improving Cannabis Treatment

Dr.Yftach Dolev, CEO & co-founder NIBS Neuroscience Technologies

Winner Announcement 



​15 October 2018

Panel discussion:

Opening the gates to new clinical research
How to plan a clinical research on medical cannabis? Methods, challenges,  latest results

chair: Dr. Dedi Meiri, Israel

Dr. David (Dedi) MeiriPh.D
Assistant Professor, Heads the "Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research", Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel 

Prof. Victor Novack , MD
Clinical Epidemiologist, Head, Clinical Research Center, Head, Research Authority, Soroka University Medical Center, Israel 

Dr. Timna Naftali
Specialist in Gastroenterology at Meir Hospital and Kupat Holim Clinic, Israel 
Prof. Gil Bar-Sela
Deputy Director of the Division of Oncology at Rambam Health Care Campus, Head of the Palliative and Supportive Oncology Unit, Israel


Research breakthroughs – the effects of therapy using medical cannabis on neurological diseases

Co chairs: 
Dr. Kirsten R. Müller-Vahl,  Germany
Prof. Uri Kramer, Israel


What Is Known about Marijuana's Potential Utility in Treating Tourette Syndrome?
Dr. Kirsten R. Müller-Vahl
Director of Tourette Syndrome Clinic at the Medical School of Hannover

Prof. Uri Kramer M.D
Director of Pediatric Epilepsy Service, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical 

Pre-clinic neuro Epilepsy
Dr, Gil Lewitus 
Research Associate Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Medical cannabis for children with Autism
Dr. Adi Aran
Director of the Neuro-pediatric unit ,Shaare Zedek Medical Center Jerusalem, Israel


The Opioid Epidemic - Cannabis Vs. Opioids: What is the Right Choice?

Chairs: Dr Shaul Lev-Ran, Israel 

Dr.Shaul Lev-Ran MD, MHA

Deputy Director, Lev Hasharon Medical CenterDirector, Addiction Medicine and Dual Disorders Clinic, Pardesya, Israel 

Systematic Review Efficacy of Cannabis-Based Medicines for Pain Management
Joshua Aviram

University of Haifa, Department of Nursing

Dr. Bareket Schiff-Keren
Pain Specialist Tel Aviv Medical Center  

Panel Discussion: Patients wellbeing : risk and side effects management


Irit Avisar
Founder & President IsraelMed. Cannabis Nursing Assoc,Israel

Dr. Jonathan Grunfeld
Palliative Care, Asaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel   

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​16 October 2018 

Cannabis treatment for the Third Age

Moderator: Ran Abuhasira, Israel

Medical Cannabis in The Elderly Population - Data from Israeli Registries 
Ran Abuhasira, MD-PhD candidate,
Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Faculty of Health Sciences, Israel

An ultra-low dose of THC as a feasible remedy for age-related cognitive decline: behavioral, biochemical and MRI experiments in mice
Prof. Yosef Sarne
Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Cannabis treatment in Dementia
Dr. Vered Hermush
Medical Director of the Geriatric Wing, Laniado hospital, Isreal

Treatment of cannabis in nursing patients hospitalized
Inbal Sikorin
Chief nurse at Niamedic, Israel

Adi Ron, MD
Medical Director at Niamedic, Israel 

The challenge of combining cannabis with multiple drugs treatments 
Sefi Ben Hemo
Pharmacist and shift manager Maccabi Health Services, Maccabi Health Services - Polypharmacy, Israel 

​Oral Presentations by Abstract Submitters

Women Healthcare  and Cannabis

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15 October 2018

New forms of medical cannabis products- enhancing delivery and efficacy

  • New forms of cannabis products
  • Innovative ways of delivery - Vaporizers
  • New cannabis based technologies from Israel and around the world

Maximizing and Understanding the Benefits of Proprietary Delivery Technologies for Increasing Bioavailability of Cannabinoid Molecules

Rob Davidson
CEO& Cure Pharmaceutical Corp., USA

The medical cannabis market in Canada post-legalization

Moderator: Joshua Brainin Alper, Managing Director Cann10 North America, CEO at Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. , USA
Roey Fishman
COO and Co-Founder, Carmel Cannabis Group, USA 
Samantha Roman
Founder Credible Cannabis, Canada
Andrew Spasiw
CEO Quality Green Inc., Canada
Todd Scattini
Global CEO of Harvest 360 Tech., USA  

Intelligent investing in Cannabis – Where, What and With who?

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​The Latest in Medical Cannabis Research - Important partners - compound mapping

Chair: Dr. Dedi Meiri, Israel

Dr. David (Dedi) Meiri, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

​16 October 2018

The Green Chain - From Farm  to Patient  

  • The Future of Cannabis E-Commerce
  • Personalized application of cannabis medicine
  • B2C – The challenges faced by pharmacies in meeting with the patient
  • B2B – Storage, transport and security solutions

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Oral presentations by Abstract Submitters 
Recognized medicine:  New Opportunities for Technologies and innovation 

Todd Scattini
Global CEO of Harvest 360 Tech., USA 

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​15 October 2018

Recent Trends in Cannabis Cultivation 1

Next generation Growing Facilities

  • Cultivation facilities
  • Grow media
  • Technologies: Dehumidifier, Lightning, Irrigation

Mr. Itzhak Esquira
Ministry of Agriculture, Israel  

Fertigation in cannabis – field experience 
Roberto Natan
Extension Officer at Ministry of Agriculture, Israel 

Recent Trends in Cannabis Cultivation II

Meir Koren

President and CEO at Elite Energy Group Ltd.; Founder Oricann, Israel

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Post-Harvest - The Key to Success

  • Drying flower
  • Trimming cannabis
  • Curing: Maturation, aging, mold
  • Storage & Packaging

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Plant Protection

  • Viruses
  • Molds treatment
  • Biological pesticide

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​16 October 2018 

Testing, and Analytics

  • Regulation
  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Analythics technologies Hplc vs optic 

A Closer Look at Cannabis Quality Control Testing
Joshua Crossney
President & Founder of CSC Events, LLC and jCanna, Inc., USA

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Oral Presentations by Abstract Submitters 

Agro- Tech - Creating a controlled environment for improved product and yield

Agri Hi-Tech for Standardization
Nirit Bernstein
Plant Physiology and nutrition Institute of Soil Water and Environmental Sciences, Volcani Center, Israel 

The Latest Space Exploration Life Support Technology Finds Applications in Medical Cannabis Production

Prof. Michael Dixon, Professor and Director, Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility School of Environmental Sciences University of Guelph, ,Chair of the Space Exploration Advisory Committee of the Canadian Space Agency, Canada

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation for Research and Development
Autumn Karcey
President,  Cultivo  inc., USA