CannX 2018 - BIZ: New Technologies, New Opportunities

BIZ: New Technologies, New Opportunities

Investors, lawyers, accountant and entrepreneurs will want to attend fascinating sessions covering everything medical cannabis:

  • Where is the business going? 

  • How is regulation affecting local and global markets?

  • Where are the opportunities and pitfalls?

If you plan to be a leader in this industry, you must attend CannX.

Plenary sessions will include:

  • News about Local and Global Regulations
    Export-Import Policies: How can we encourage international trade when policies differs between countries?

  • Medical Cannabis: Medicine, Law and Ethics

  • Ways to Break Through Blocked Clinical Trials
    Who Should Pay for Clinical Research? Governments? Medical Centers? The Pharmaceutical Industry? Private Investors?

  • One-on-One: 2 Leading Researchers in Conversation on the Future of Medical Cannabis

New Technologies, New Opportunities Track

What's new in Technologies for Administrating Medical Cannabis

  • New forms of cannabis products

  • Innovative ways of delivery - Vaporizers

  • New cannabis based technologies from Israel and around the world

How and Where Should You Invest in Cannabis?

Will the Hemp Industry Take Over?

  • Local and global economic overview: USA, Europe, Latin America and Israel

  • Regulations

  • Potential Revenues from Hemp and CBD

​From Farm to Patient - 360 Solutions

  • Personalized application of cannabis medicine

  • B2C – The challenges faced by pharmacies in meeting with the patient

  • B2B – Storage, transport and security solutions

​Workshop: Quality Assessments of Cannabis Products - Methods and Technologies