CannX 2018 - SCI: Innovations in Science and Medicine

SCI: Innovations in Science and Medicine

Gain the most important updates, as seen by the Conference Chair, Prof Raphael Mechoulam, and Prof Dedi Meiri, Chair of the Scientific Committee.

Noted researchers and practitioners will present their latest research and practices.

At CannX you will learn from and share a platform with medical cannabis thought-leaders. To present your research, we invite you to submit an abstract

Plenary sessions will include:

  • Medical Cannabis: Medicine, Law and Ethics

  • Ways to Break Through Blocked Clinical Trials
    Who Should Pay for Clinical Research? Governments? Medical Centers? The Pharmaceutical Industry? Private Investors?

  • One-on-One: 2 Leading Researchers in Conversation on the Future of Medical Cannabis

Innovations in Science and Medicine Track

The Latest in Medical Cannabis Research

  • Important partners - Compound mapping


  • Medical benefits for different indications

  • Achieving balance: How to find and adjust the correct dose

The Opioid Epidemic - Cannabis Vs. Opioids:
Which is the Correct Choice?

  • Systematic review of the efficacy of cannabis-based medicines for pain management

  • Cannabis - The ultimate rehabilitation treatment

The Brain - A New Target for Marijuana

  • Different studies on the brain's reward system